Established in 1999.
Began as a small 16 seat hole-in-the-wall on the quiet part of Laurel Street in San Carlos during the height of the Silicon Valley boom.
Moved to Menlo Park after 6 months due to space constraints, and greatly expanded our menu.

This year is our 17th year in business!
A big THANK YOU to all our supporters for making this possible.

Meet the Manager
Dennis L. Manager
Born and raised in Singapore.

Shiok is a brainchild of my sister, Maggie and nurtured to its present form by my Mum, Rosalind. The torch have now been passed to me.

Eating is a favorite pastime in Singapore and talking about food is a close second. Being Singaporean, I’m always looking for a Great meal, and I’m most happy to share my favorite places to dine in Singapore.

At Shiok, we are constantly looking for ways to improve our service and offerings, so please email me or stop me in Shiok to let me know how we can do better. I welcome all suggestions.

Call us
650 838-9448

1137 Chestnut St
Menlo Park, CA 94025