Our Story


Founded in 1999, Shiok Singapore Kitchen emerged as a modest 16-seat hole-in-the-wall eatery nestled on the peaceful stretch of Laurel Street in San Carlos. This inaugural establishment coincided with the zenith of the Silicon Valley boom, providing a unique culinary oasis for locals. After a mere six months, space constraints prompted a move to Menlo Park, heralding a significant expansion of the menu and dining space.

Passing the Torch

The brainchild of Maggie, my sister, Shiok Singapore Kitchen's evolution was tenderly nurtured by our mother, Rosalind. Today, the torch has been passed to me, ensuring the restaurant's legacy continues to flourish. Central to our success is a collection of recipes curated from my grandmother's kitchen, rooted in her rich Peranakan heritage. These time-honored culinary treasures infuse every dish with a distinctive, authentic flavor that pays homage to our family's enduring culinary traditions.


This legacy continues to shape Shiok Singapore Kitchen's identity, making it a cherished part of the culinary landscape in Menlo Park.