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Claypot Rice

Chinese. Chicken flavored rice, chicken, Chinese sausage, mushroom, bok choy

Sambal String Beans

Malay. String beans sauteed with fresh chili spices and dried shrimp. Vegan or gluten free available

Singapore Chili Prawns

Jumbo prawns, cooked in spicy-sweet shiok! House sauce

Shiok Dry Mee Siam

Chinese. A tangy spicy rice vermicelli dish with tofu, prawns, scallops, peanuts and eggs. A tamarind based flavor with a distinct strait, Chinese style. Gluten free, vegan or vegetarian version available


Chinese. Rice noodles, prawns, chicken, bean sprouts and eggs in spicy dried shrimp and coconut broth

Chicken Satay

Malay. Spice marinated chicken skewers, with cucumber and peanut sauce

Beef Rendang (Gluten Free)

Malay. Beef slow cooked in star anise, cinnamon, lemongrass spices, and coconut milk. Gluten free available

Singapore Chicken Rice

Chinese. A famous Singaporean staple of freshly poached chicken served with aromatic chicken flavored rice and chili-ginger sauce. (Gluten free version available)

Roti Prata with Curry Sauce

Indian. Grilled Indian style multi-layered bread. Served with vegetarian curry dipping sauce

Nonya Fish Rice Plate

Chinese. Crispy snapper fillet, onion, tomato, topped with tangy, spicy sauce. Served with choice of steamed rice, salad and cucumber pickles

Hokkien Mee

Yellow noodle, vermicelli, prawns, calamari, chive, bean sprouts and eggs - wok fried in chicken broth

Sambal Kangkong or Okra

Fresh Kang Kong (water spinach), stir fried with dried shrimp, chili-garlic sauce. Vegan version available on request

Beef Rendang Rice Plate

Malay. Tender beef, slow cooked in chili-lemongrass spices, and coconut milk. Served with choice of steamed rice, salad and cucumber pickles. Gluten free version available

Nonya Fish

Chinese. Crispy snapper fillet topped with tangy spicy

Char Kway Teow

Chinese. Flat rice noodles, yellow noodle, prawns, Chinese sausage, eggs, bean sprouts, chives in sweet black sauce. Vegetarian version also available

Curry Chicken

Indian. Chicken, potatoes, carrot cooked in Indian-style curry sauce

Singapore Butter Cereal Prawns

Jumbo prawns, stirred in crispy sweet oatmeal and eggs

BBQ Seafood in Banana Leaf

Choice of prawns, calamari, snapper or salmon, barbecued with spicy shiok! Sambal sauce in banana leaf

Delicious Asian Cuisine: Chinese, Sushi, Noodles

Delicious Asian Cuisine: Chinese, Sushi, Noodles
Indulge in authentic Asian cuisine at our restaurant. Savor flavorful Chinese dishes like Kung Pao Chicken and savory Asian specialties such as Pad Thai and sushi. Our menu offers a variety of Asian food options, from crispy spring rolls to spicy curry dishes. Experience the best of Asian flavors with us.

Convenient Pickup and Delivery Options for Asian Cuisine

Convenient Pickup and Delivery Options for Asian Cuisine
Satisfy your cravings with our Chinese and Asian cuisine. Enjoy convenient pickup and delivery options for your favorite dishes like General Tso's chicken, sushi rolls, and pad thai. Order online for a quick pickup or have your delicious meal delivered right to your door.

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